Dr. Melih and the Haarex Clinic health team follow the latest technological developments. In order to develop these techniques and to ensure the perfect naturalness and aesthetics of their patients, they attend conferences and trainings in many countries of the world in regular time intervals.

Successful hair transplantation is always determined by technology monitoring; latest techniques and latest methods. Even if painless hair transplantation has become possible by FUE hair transplantation technique with Comfort-In Technique; Sapphire Fue Hair transplantation technique provides our patients with more advanced results and more frequent transplanting; and natural 40 45 degrees hair direction calculation.

SAPPHIRE FUE  Canalisation Method

In the Sapphire canalisation method which is part of the traditional FUE technique; as can be understood from its name, the sapphire knife tips produced from the precious metal sapphire are used. 

 In the traditional FUE method; steel-tipped slit knives were used. The newest method is to open more micro canals in the area where the follicles will be transplanted in the sapphire canal.

Sapphire tips designed to accelerate the healing process as a result of minimal scabbing after the canals opened with metal knives; used in the traditional Fue method are opened as U shape. However, the canals opened with the modern sapphire blades are V shaped. The size of the sapphire blades is 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm; depending on the follicle thickness. The canals opened with this precise, smooth and hard sapphire blades, are at exact hair follicle size. The result of close follicle transplantation leads to more dense hair growth; faster recovery with less risk of bleeding during transplantation and provides excellent results.

Advantages of Fue transplantation performed with Sapphire Blade
To steel blade (slit) ;

🔴  Because it is antibacterial and sharp, smooth, and has rigid structure; opened canals provide less trauma, minimal tissue damage and no infection risk.

🔴  Sapphire blades allow more frequent opening of canals. As a result of a high number of graft transplantation; more dense hair and natural appearance occur than expected.

🔴  Compared to the steel blade slit, less fluid is injected under the tissue in the area where the transplanting will be performed; and the edema in the head area is minimized after transplantation.

🔴  Due to the fact that the canal strips opened with the sapphire blades are more micro; the tissue recovery time is faster and minimal scabbing occurs.

🔴  Because the sapphire knife tips are the same size as the patient’s hair follicles; the follicles are fully inserted into the canals and the hair is grown at the best angle to ensure the most natural appearance.

The Haarex clinic brings the world-approved New Sapphire Percutaneous hair transplantation technique to advanced quality and combines with excellence and quality expectations; turning it into a long-standing experience and research pride.

You can get support by contacting usfor the advantages of Sapphire fue percutaneous tecnique which provides the most aesthetically pleasing results; and a natural satisfactory appearance in Haarex Clinic . Please consult us and we will answer all your questions.


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