Two of the most important factors in hair transplantation success are intense follow-up and proper care. In addition to the follow-up under the supervision of a physician, the 6-month period in which the patient has important elements to consider, are stated below in daily, weekly and monthly periods.

First Night

When you leave the hospital after the operation, you will be given a bandage to your donor area and you will be wearing a forehead band to prevent swelling.

Small scabs and mild redness in the donor area and in the transplant area will disappear within 10 days.


1st Day 

On the day after the operation, a dressing is applied by our authorized specialist in the clinic or your hotel.After the dressings, the bandage is removed from the donor area.

3rd Day

Hair wash procedure is started with the special lotion and shampoo we prescribed as explained before. The hair washing procedure helps the scalp to heal and the removal of the scabs.

7th Day

On the 5th-7th day after the operation, the transplanted hair becomes stronger and will not move with touch. You should avoid hurting or scratching the transplanted area. During this period, you can feel an itch. This itching is perfectly normal and should be regarded as a sign of healing.

1st Month

The period from the second week to the end of the second month after the hair transplantation operation is the time interval during which the shedding phase of the transplanted hair occurs. In this process called shock shedding, it is observed that a large part of the hair is shedded in the first month and the remaining part in 6 months. In the first month, sportive activities and swimmingin the sea or pool should be avoided in order not to tire the sensitive skin; if it is itching, it should not be itched.

3rd Month

After the shedding process, the first healthy hair begins to slowly grow at the end of 3 months. Procedures such as PRP, hair mesotherapy and hair vaccination can be performed during this period, if it is necessary or if the patient demands it. In a period from the first time of growing to six months, the hair reaches its natural length. The hair, which has grown as high as 80% in the first 6 months, reaches the ideal length at the end of 1 year.




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