PAINLESS Hair Transplantation (Painless Local Anesthesia) –

People who think about having hair transplantation definitely do research before. However, while collecting a lot of information about the subject and watching visuals and videos and visually understand many things, they are not fully satisfied with the feeling of operation, and the questions such as what is the level of pain in the process and whether it hurts too much, remain unanswered.

In this article, we will answer these questions of those who want to have a hair transplant at Haarex clinic, and remove all the question marks. But in order to understand the Painless hair transplantation, needleless hair transplantation topic, first we need to know the stage of anesthesia in hair transplantation and where the pain is encountered.

Although FUE method is a micro-surgical procedure, basically 2 areas are interfered.

  • ⦁ First, the hair follicles are collected in the donor area (donor area) with the micro-motor device and the hair follicles removed from the skin.
  • ⦁ The second is the opening of micro-incisions (canals) under the skin in the hairless area where hair follicles will be transplanted.

Before these two procedures, it definitely needs anesthesia application.

Comfort-In System Painless Anesthesia

Anesthesia is mandatory before these two basic stages. Prior to the introduction of the Comfort-In system, the anesthetic, which is injected by the conventional needle subcutaneously, was anesthetizing the area, and allowing the micro-intervention to be applied. In the meantime, the Haarex Clinic put the Comfort-In, the newest and the most technologic anesthesia device.

This device injects the anesthetic subcutaneously (epidermis) with high-pressure spray system without the need for needle.

The used Comfort-In injector has a pressure-generating spring in the housing. At its lower end there is a cartridge containing the anesthetic drug. The end opening of the piston at the cartridge end is 0.15 mm. When the trigger on the top is pressed, the spring produces pressure and injects the substance inside the cartridge subcutaneously without any incisions or injuries. The patient feels only slight pressure and the area becomes numb. Dose adjustment can be made when applied directly with the device. It allows early intervention with rapid application. The risk of infection is eliminated. This application can be easily applied to every part of the head. Certified and patented.

Haarex Clinic Advantages of Painless Anesthesia

🔴No need for needle, there is no risk of injury or infection.

🔴Certified and patented.

🔴It is painless and comfortable.

🔴Provides the use of simple quick injector.

🔴Adjustable in every part of the head.

🔴Appropriate dose detection is easy.

🔴Anesthesia agent spreads faster and has more duration of affect.

If you would like to have hair transplantation at Haarex Clinic and wish to receive painless anesthesia, Please contact us . We answer all your questions.


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