We need photos of your current hair structure to provide you with the best possible advice and a personal cost plan. These photos are analyzed by our experts. As a result, you will receive a detailed; individual and non-binding cost plan from us. We are happy to receive your photos by mail; whatsapp or by using the form.

2. Appointment Selection  

If you accept the estimation; let us know the time you want. Based on this; we can send you the required dates by necessity. Short-term appointments are also possible. We will complete the preparations and send you the order documents as soon as you send us the relevant flight confirmation; for one of the dates above. We will prepare you for the journey.

3. Arrival and Hotel  

Once we receive the flight confirmation; we will organize the transfer driver; your 4 **** hotel and your operation. We can organize the transfer driver in the best way if the flight time and the flight confirmation change. Upon arrival; your personal driver will bring you to the hotel for check-in.

4. Accommodation  

A blood test will be carried out the day you arrive at the hospital. We do not perform surgery in the presence of diseases such as HIV; syphilis or hepatitis, this is for your safety. A preliminary examination is then carried out with the expert. The place of operation will be determined according to your hair line; your wishes and the experience of the experts. In addition, a general analysis of the hair is made in the preliminary examination; this gives information about the state of health and the density is also calculated.

After all pre-examination is completed; a consultation meeting is held. In this interview; the expert will discuss with you all the details of the hair transplant, explain the procedure to you and tell you how long the procedure will take; according to his prediction. Surgery usually lasts 3 to 8 hours or more, and you can comfort yourself with music or television. During the treatment; there is a lunch break which you can choose your meal among the hot meals. An interpreter is always available in 9 different languages; so there are no language problems. The same day; the actual treatment is applied. The procedure is local anesthesia.

5. Graduation 

A follow-up examination will be made the next day. Our specialists will complete all your dressings and provide you; with all the information you will need in the following days. In addition; you will receive clues about the care of the treated areas and special care products for the post-treatment. Then you will be transferred to the airport by our transfer driver for your travel to your home.


 To get all the details about our HAIR TRANSPLANTATION PROGRAM ; visit our website.


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