Before Operation  Things to pay attention


1-Health Problems  

Please inform us about your current health problems and the medications you are using before your hair transplantation operation. If you are experiencing any health problems; please consult with your doctor before the operation and get his consent related to the operation.


After getting approval from your doctor; stop taking Aspirin and similar blood thinners 3 days before the operation.

2. One Day Before Operation

Be careful not to consume alcohol; you should avoid taking alcohol or drugs at least one day before the operation. Because they can interact with the drugs (local anesthetics) used during the operation. Avoid smoking; smoking can reduce blood flow to your scalp; causing your vessels to contract; and preventing the growth of the hair. For this reason; do not smoke one day before the operation; until 1 week after the operation.

Operation Day

3. What Should You Wear in Operation?

We recommend you come with a buttoned shirt or a blouse with a wide collar. After the operation; contact with the transplanted area should be avoided. The operation time is approximately 8 hours and this time varies; according to the number of grafts to be transplanted. We suggest you choose a comfortable outfit.

4. Pre-operation Preparation

Before coming to the operation; please take care to take a shower and to your personal hygiene; to be full, to be well-slept and rested.

5. During Hair Transplant Operation

An attendant is not accepted to the operation. The attendants are accommodated in our waiting room. Please pay attention not to chew gum; not to talk too much; not to use your phone during the operation.




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