Along with the spread of hair loss problems; the number of applicants for a natural hair transplant in the world is increasing.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey has increased its preferability in the health sector in recent years due to; its fully equipped hospitals and specialized clinical staff and because it is more affordable than other countries in the sector.

Of course, the price of each hair transplant method is different. The reason for these differences is determined by the factors of equipment; consumables and other services offered by the clinic. It also varies from clinic to clinic according to the detail; of the package and the quality of the service provided

On the other hand; different prices for cosmetic hair transplantation are announced by clinics and doctors in Turkey. Each of these centers has different tariffs based; on the services and benefits that it offers to each person. One of the determining factors; in the cost of a hair Transplant is the method chosen by the doctor. There are different methods for hair transplantation in Turkey that are selected according to people’s needs.

Another factor that affects the cost of a hair transplant is the number of sessions required for a hair follicle october. Typically ; most applicants for cosmetics with baldness will need only one session of treatment and a hair transplant;  to eliminate baldness and low points on the back of the head.

For this reason, if you want to get the hair of your dreams; you are invited to our Haarex Clinic.