EYEBROW Transplantation –

Although the eyebrows occupy only a small part of our face; they are the most characteristic part of the human face. Effecting directly views and facial expressions is an indication of personal expression and image. The eyebrows; which are thinned or lost for various reasons; can cause psychological problems and self-confidence problems due to lack of expression and image. At this point; the eyebrow transplantation which gives the most effective and precise results for the healthy, natural and thick appearance; steps in.

Even though eyebrow transplantation is known as most preferred by females due to long-lasting eyebrow threading or permanent make-up; it also gives successful results in men with thin or no eyebrows due to various diseases or traumas.

How Is EYEBROW Transplantation Performed?

As with hair and beard mustache transplanting; single roots in the nape of the head are collected using the fue method with a micro-motor with 0.5- 0.6 mm needles.

The shape of the eyebrow is priorly indicated by drawing in line with the person’s wish. Transplanting area is anesthetized by needleless local anesthesia and there is no pain. The obtained follicles are transplanted at the natural angle of the eyebrows with an angle of 20-25 degrees; absolutely without opening a canal, by needles at hair follicle thickness. For this reason; there is no scar or wound in the transplant area. Follicles should be transplanted single. The three most important factors that determine the quality of the application are no canal opening; the transplant angle of 20-25 degrees and the transplantation of single follicles. Larger angles and canal opening and multi-follicle transplantation cause the follicles to be vertical; and discomfort due to the deformation of the natural look by the multiple follicles. 300 to 500 follicles in eyebrow transplantation is enough. Transplanting is applied within 3 hours. Transplanted follicles are fully growing between 3 and 6 months and reach the old tight voluminous appearance.


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