DHI Method Hair Transplantation (Direct hair implant) –

Although the DHI method is mentioned by some experts as a new technique different from the Fue method, this technique is the hair transplantation technique made with Choi Implanter needle without incision and line scarring, without opening the canal in the transplanting stage of Fue saç ekim method. With this technique, it is easy to apply hair transplantation in narrow spaces. For this reason, it has brought Unshaved Hair transplantation more successful.

Therefore, the main reason for the DHI technique to be different from FUE technique is the application of transplantation with Choi Needle Implanter.


DHI  How Is The Technique Applied?

It consists of 2 stages. Removal of hair follicles from the donor area is performed as Fue technique. Then, the collected hair follicles are transplanted as direct hair implant without opening the canal to the area to be transplanted.

The structure of the Choi needle used as an implanter is very thin, hollow and sharp. Therefore, the hair follicles provide placement in the empty canal. Due to the needle used, this technique is also known as Choi method

✔ First, the collected hair follicles are placed individually into the Choi Implanter pen by the assistants, carefully without damaging the follicles. He then the pen is given to the expert for transplantation.

✔ The doctor calculates the previous natural hair directions of the patient and makes the transplantation with the propulsion power of the Choi Implanter pen at the optimum angle (average 40-50 degrees).

✔ The optimal size of the Chio implanter pen used in this application is determined according to the patient’s hair type and thickness.

DHI Advantages of Technique?

🔴 The duration of stay outside the tissue nutrient source of hair follicles decreases and the rate of survival of the roots increases.

🔴 Since there is no canal opening, the incision area is at the micro level and the risk of bleeding is low.

🔴 The healing process after hair transplantation is faster and more comfortable; patients return to their daily lives faster.

🔴 With the DHI technique, unshaved hair transplantation is more successful with simple direction calculation in narrow spaces.

DHI (direct hair implant) is suitable for everyone?

The Choi implanter pen technique was first discovered by experts in Korea. However, in the subsequent researches, it was found that the Choi pens, which were produced first, were not suitable for everyone because of the damage of the thin and curved hair follicles during the placement of the implanter tip and the failure of transplantation.

With the latest modern improvements, Choi implanter pens have been diversified between 0.64 and 1 mm thicknesses, not just for thick and straight follicles , but for all common hair types.

Nowadays, DHI technique with a high success rate has become the most reliable technique providing the most effective naturalness due to technological developments.

To get detailed information about the DHI technique hair transplantation which provides the most successful, natural and aesthetically satisfactory results applied only in the Haarex clinic and certain centers in the world please contact us