Beards and mustaches are part of the male image; and are the biggest element that emphasizes natural posture and features. The fact that the beard and mustache; which are accepted as the only make-up of men, do not grow due to skin diseases, genetic reasons, trauma (injury); has become a problem for many men nowadays. This leads to a lack of self-confidence and inability to express oneself sufficiently; thus reducing the quality of life psychologically. In these cases, beard and mustache transplantation operations, developed by Haarex clinic; which is a very new method applied without opening the canal in the face area, with 0.5 – 0.6 mm needle at 20 -25 degree angle, make it possible to get the most natural; permanent and satisfactory results with the least damage and without the canal or incision scar in the men.

How are Beard and Mustache
Transplantation Performed?  

First of all, in our beard and mustache transplanting; there is no incision or canalisation in the face area as in classical methods. Tissue recovery time is very fast. And there is absolutely no permanent scar and damage in the transplanting area. With micro motor by Fue method single hair follicles are used in the nape area of the head as a donor area.

Here, it is necessary to use single hair follicles that determine the aesthetics and naturalness; and to transplant with 20 – 25 degree angles without opening a canal and with needle with the diameters of 0.5-0.6 mm. It can be applied to anyone who has no health problems and over 20 years of age.

1. STAGE (local, needleless anesthesia and collection of hair follicles)

Firstly, the shape of the area to be transplanted is determined. The graft (hair follicle) required for transplantation is calculated and the nape of the head is anesthetized by needleless anesthesia. They are collected one by one from the nape area of the head with the help of micromotor device using the Fue method; and alined and waited within the special solution until the transplanting stage. This procedure takes approximately 2 hours on the basis of the calculated follicle graft requirement.

2. STAGE  (Local, needleless anesthesia and transplanting of follicles)

The transplantation area of the mustache or beard is anesthetized with the needleless anesthesia by the comfort-In device. Then, transplantation is performed with alined follicles; according to the natural directions of the beard or the mustache; with 20-25 degree angles and with the needles which are in the thickness of 0.5-0.6 mm, without opening the canal. This last stage lasts 3 hours depending on the number of follicles to be transplanted. 1500-2500 grafts (hair follicles) in beard transplanting and 400-800 grafts (hair follicles) are used in mustache transplanting.

After Beard Transplantation

The beard or mustache should not be washed and contacted with water for the first 48 hours after transplantation. For 24 hours facial gestures should not be used intensively. During the 3-day period; red spots; hardness and tension in the transplantation are normal. After 1 week; these symptoms are spontaneously disappears without any intervention. The hairs that start to grow after transplantation can be shortened after 15 days; with scissors upon request. Electric shavers should not be used for 3 months.


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